eSocialTrader is a financial blog that provides you with up-to-date news and opinions on the fast-growing concept of social trading. Our objective is to widen peoples’ financial horizons and introduce them to a novel concept from which they can potentially benefit.

We provide readers with:

  • The latest news and developments in social trading.
  • An explanation of what social trading is, how STPs work, and how you can invest your money as a trade follower or start a career as a Guru.
  • Complete and independent reviews of the most widely used STPs, and the advantages each platform offers.
  • Our reviews of the top Gurus on all popular STPs.
  • Tips and methods on how to select the best Gurus to follow.

At eSocialTrader, we believe that this new social investment concept has a bright future and offers great benefits to both Gurus and investors alike. We hope that eSocialTrader will provide you with the insight and information you need to help you be part of the exciting and fast-growing community of social traders.